How To Convert Image To Vector File-Jbg to DXF file convert

  Convert Image To Artcame Dxf File

 Select first converting image:

example select image file you use for mostly block and white image which is for good expect output.
and you choice high quality images resolation must impartion 

             i select for that block and white image for example first steps download inkscape softare

Download Free inkscape software:-click to Download

Inkscape is a free graphics editor that you can use for personal and professional purposes. Inkscape features a full suite of design tools to let you work with scalable vector graphics that are referred to as SVG. It also lets you work with raster images as well.-download

open inkscape

  1. open inkscape import select image file-file>import
  2. click to path option manu you choice trace bitmap click-path>trace bitmap
  3. trace bitmap dasbort select multiscane edit specly and smooth corners and last update

  4. file save as dxf file formate-file>save as>atocad dxf

  5. open Artcame or Atocad software click to file import-file>import>inkscape dxf file open


    download artcame pro9.1-click hare 

    download atodesk artcame 2018-click hare

     download inkscape -click hare 

    How to convert vector-play this video 


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