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The front door is often the focal point of a home exterior – a door is the first thing guests see when they arrive, it's the last thing they contemplate after leaving, it's visited daily by the mail delivery, and it gives potential buyers something to remember the house by. An ordinary home can become "the house with the red door" with nothing more than a simple coat of paint, while a magnificent piece of architecture can rely on a unique door style to tie its exterior design together. Why settle with normal? This post looks at 50 spectacular front doors that boast expressively tailored personality and download

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 Many of the models in this project are available as single models sold in the Design and Make Store.  This project will not be prorated based on any previous purchases if you find that you already own models that are included in this project.
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While many of you may know 3Design, but did you know Gravotech (the makers of 3Design) have spent a very long time selling their own answer to ArtCAM for use with CNC engraving machines?

Type Edit is a piece of software nearly as old as 3Design itself, and unlike the other entries on this list, its interface is based on its own original way of working, with no relation at all to ArtCAM.

Also, like ArtCAM , this tool does have a few features which make it useful for working at  tolerances

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