Wood carving Cnc router controller types

CNC Router Machine Control System, DSP,                               NCstudio or Syntec 

For a cnc router, there are many control systems to choose to use. For our products, we usually use 3 kinds. DSP handle control system, Nc studio PCI card computer control system, Taiwan Syntec control system. What is the difference between these control systems? How to choose to use? Here is our professional opinion:

DSP Controlr System :

            When use a DSP control system, you can make the design files on your computer in your office, then copy it into a U disk. Then connect the U disk to the DSP control system via the USB interface, and load the design files to the DSP control system. The DSP control system has 512M memory space, can not put in a lot of G code in it, so you should pay attention to it. DSP handle control system is easy to operate, controlled by a handle controller, also it can work offline, save space. For 3 axis wood working machine, advertising used cnc routers, we usually adopt DSP control system.



            When use a Nc studio control system, you can control the machine through the computer. NC studio control system in China usually called Weihong control system. It is more feasible. And you have no needs to worry about the memory space, because you use a computer. Computer control the machine via the NC studio card, you can make designs on the computer while the machine is working. If you have a lot of different products to produce, and usually need to change the program, also if prefer to computer control system, we recommend the NC Studio control system machine to you.

Syntec Controlr System :

             When use a Syntec control system, you can make the design files on your computer in your office, then copy it into a CF card. Then connect the CF card to the Syntec control system via the interface. Also you can load the design files from a computer via a net cable. 
The Syntec control system can control complex processing route well and you can design some simple processing route on the control system without computer. Syntec control system is a closed-loop control system, high precision, great to use with servo system. For big machine with servo motors, we recommend Taiwan Syntec control system cnc machine to you, such as auto tool changer (ATC) cnc router, big mould making cnc 

Fagor Controlr System:

                          Fagor Automation offers an integral solution to high performance machining centers and production lathes because of our large selection of features. Our CNC systems meet the most demanding requirements. The range of CNC’s goes from conversational programming CNCs for short production series that require quickness to high-speed CNCs with nanometric accuracy for machines of high technological value or CNC systems for specific applications such as Laser cutting, etc.

Fagor CNCs are designed for all kinds of machines with additonal benefits:

Easy programming. There is no need to know ISO programming language.
Algorithm that provides the best performance, speed and accuracy in the machining process.
Ergonomic and functional design (touch-screen, easy navigation, integrated manuals, sms communication, high-resolution graphics, keyboards and monitors with the highest level of sealing protection, etc.)
Interface customizing tools.
Free software download with no time limit to work at any PC.
Axis position control (position loop) every 250 ┬Ás.
Technological features like Look-Ahead. The CNC analyzes in advance the changes in the movements of the axes providing high speed machining. Our CNCs analyze 2,400 blocks in advance and block processing time is 0.25 ms.
Fagor Automation offers drive and feedback systems which represents a great advantage because the customer only deals with a single contact person or supplier who gives him an integral solution that speeds up his work process.

Thanks to Fagor Automation’s presence in five continents, we can guarantee professional and efficient technical service as quickly as possible.